Preferred Adolescent Psychotic Disorder Treatment Center

Little Creek Behavioral Health offers comprehensive psychotic disorder treatment for children and adolescents ages 12-18. Features of care at our psychotic disorder treatment center in Conway, Arkansas, include personalized residential programming and specialized services for young people who are deaf or hard of hearing.  

Learn About Psychotic Disorder Treatment

Important facts about treatment for psychotic disorders at Little Creek Behavioral Health in Conway, AR

Psychotic disorders include mental health conditions such as schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, brief psychotic disorder, or delusional disorder. When a young person is struggling with an untreated psychotic disorder, they are likely to experience symptoms such as delusions, hallucinations, catatonia, or impaired speech. 

These symptoms can severely affect a child’s or teen’s ability to function in their daily life if left untreatedA young person who is experiencing delusions might live in constant fear because they believe something or someone is going to harm them, while a young person who is suffering from hallucinations might have episodes in which they clearly hear voices telling them to harm themselves. 

The disorganized thinking patterns and motor behaviors associated with psychotic disorders can also make it exceptionally difficult for a child or teen to communicate or maintain relationships with others. A young person who is struggling with a psychotic disorder might continually jump from topic to topic during conversations, answer questions with information that seems completely unrelated, or become rigid or mute in certain environments. 

When a child or teen is struggling with the symptoms of a psychotic disorder, it can create barriers in all aspects of their life. At Little Creek Behavioral Health, we offer effective, evidence-based psychotic disorder treatment for children and adolescents ages 12-18, including a specialty track for young people who are deaf or hard of hearing.  

Our expert staff understands the unique developmental needs of children and adolescents and works closely with each patient to tailor treatment plans to their individual challenges. By doing so, we help each young person who seeks care at our facility in Conway, Arkansas, achieve the best outcome possible.  

Why Consider Treatment

Why consider getting treatment for psychotic disorders at Little Creek Behavioral Health in Conway, AR

Psychotic disorders can be debilitating mental health conditions for the kids and teens who do not get the help they need to manage their symptoms. Without professional treatment, a young person may struggle to get through daily tasks and be unable to have healthy relationships with their peers. 

Because psychotic disorders interfere with a child’s or adolescent’s ability to understand the world around them, they may start to withdraw. Depending on the symptoms they are experiencing, they might have problems sleeping, feel irritable, refuse to spend time with friends or family, or fail to keep up in school. Left untreated, the symptoms of a psychotic disorder put a child or adolescent at an increased risk of suicidal ideation or death by suicide. 

A young person can minimize their risk of experiencing any long-term negative effects by seeking timely treatment for the psychotic disorder they’re struggling withLittle Creek Behavioral Health provides developmentally appropriate psychotic disorder treatment for children and adolescents in an environment that helps them feel safe and allows them to focus on the healing process. Our goal is to help each young person who comes to our facility in Conway, Arkansas, get on the path toward successful long-term health and wellness. 

Types of Psychotic Disorder Treatment at Little Creek

Types of treatment for psychotic disorders at Little Creek Behavioral Health in Conway, AR

At Little Creek Behavioral Health, we provide physician-led residential treatment for children and adolescents who are struggling with psychotic disorders, including a specialized track for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. We treat the entire emotional well-being of our young patients, including medical, psychiatric, social, and academic needs, in a secure, comfortable environment.  

Before a child or adolescent begins psychotic disorder treatment at our facility in Conway, Arkansas, they complete a thorough assessment. This process allows Little Creek to make sure we have identified and are prepared to address every challenge that may be preventing that young person from living a happier, healthier, and more satisfying life. The information we gather during the assessment stage forms the foundation of that child’s or adolescent’s personalized treatment plan. 

Depending on a child’s or adolescent’s unique strengths, goals, and needs, their personalized psychotic disorder treatment at Little Creek may include: 

  • Individual therapy 
  • Group therapy 
  • Family therapy 
  • Experiential therapy 
  • Medication management services 
  • Basic medical care 

Each child’s or adolescent’s individualized psychotic disorder treatment at Little Creek may also incorporate a variety of therapeutic modalities and techniques, such as trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). 

We understand that not every therapeutic intervention or treatment modality is appropriate for everyone, so we work closely with parents or caregivers to ensure that we create a psychotic disorder treatment plan that is tailored to their child’s specific needs. Each patient who comes to our campus in Conway, Arkansas, to heal can expect to work with a team of compassionate professionals who are dedicated to helping children and adolescents experience more positive outcomes in a safe, secure environment.  

Continuing Care for Psychotic Disorder Treatment

Continuing care options for psychotic disorders treatment

Finding and receiving effective professional treatment for psychotic disorders can be a vital step on the path toward long-term recovery. But at Little Creek Behavioral Health, we understand that a child’s or adolescent’s time in treatment with us is just one part of their recovery journey. That’s why we place tremendous emphasis on preparing each patient to make sustained progress long after they’ve left our campus and returned to their day-to-day life. 

At our facility in Conway, Arkansas, each child or adolescent will develop a variety of skills and strategies that they can use to deal with continued challenges that pop up after discharge. To ensure that each individual is in the best position to succeed at the end of their time at Little Creek, we begin the discharge process the day they arrive at our campus. 

A variety of individuals are involved in the discharge planning process. These can include treating therapists, case managers, referral sources, parents, caregivers, and those who may be providing step-down services in the community.  

When a child or adolescent is ready to leave Little Creek, we will recommend continuing care options, which may include time in a partial hospitalization program (PHP), an intensive outpatient program (IOP), or appropriate outpatient services. This will allow those with a vested interest in each child or adolescent who heals with us to have as much information as possible at their disposal to ensure that the young person’s medical, psychiatric, social, and academic needs continue to be met upon release. 

For more information about discharge planning, continuing care for psychotic disorders, or any other behavioral health treatment services at Little Creek, please contact us at your convenience. We look forward to helping you determine if our psychotic disorder treatment facility in Conway, Arkansas, is the perfect place to aid in the recovery of a child or adolescent in your care. 

Marks of Quality Care
  • The Joint Commission (JCAHO) Gold Seal of Approval