Why Choose Treatment at Little Creek Behavioral Health

Choosing care for a child or adolescent who is struggling with mental health concerns can be a challenging endeavor. But finding a provider whose services best align with the child’s medical history, needs, and recovery goals can set them up for better outcomes and a more successful future.

The following are just some of the reasons why Little Creek Behavioral Health may be the best choice for a child or adolescent who needs help healing from the mental health challenges they have been battling:

Educational Services

Seeking help for a mental health concern shouldn’t keep a child or adolescent from completing their educational requirements. Kids and adolescents who are receiving care at Little Creek Behavioral Health also attend school six hours a day, meeting state regulations and allowing them to continue their education while in therapy.

Special education teachers affiliated with local school districts teach classes at our facility in Conway, Arkansas, which also offers credit recovery. Our licensed therapists support the teachers in the classroom, reinforcing therapeutic programming in the educational setting.

Collaboration with Agencies and Organizations

We work closely with government agencies and other organizations that support families, helping them find appropriate mental health resources for children and adolescents. The admissions specialists and clinical staff at our facility in Conway, Arkansas, collaborate regularly with case managers to ensure that the children in their care receive the interventions they need to get back to their local schools and communities.

Our staff communicates with case managers on progress and invites them to participate in family therapy sessions when family members, loved ones, or legal guardians are not available. Once a child or adolescent’s time at Little Creek Behavioral Health is complete, we collaborate with the child’s case manager on continuing care to ensure that they experience continued success in the days and months to come.

Specialized Programming for Children and Adolescents Who Are Hard of Hearing

We provide specialized programming for children and adolescents who are hard of hearing, ensuring that they receive the care they need to start living more fulfilling lives. We also offer therapeutic interventions that are culturally relevant to kids and teens who are hard of hearing, including sign language-appropriate therapeutic settings for those who use that form of communication.

As with our other programming at Little Creek Behavioral Health, children and adolescents who participate in this track engage in proven, evidence-based therapies that will help them start to heal from the mental health challenges that they have been grappling with. They will also work on their language acquisition to create a connection between their emotional and physical responses.

Extended Length of Stay

At Little Creek Behavioral Health, we understand that kids and teens have specialized needs when it comes to recovering from the damage caused by a mental health concern. To ensure that every child has the time they need to focus on getting well, we offer extended lengths of stay in residential care at our facility in Conway, Arkansas.

Typical length of stay with us is six to 12 months depending on a child’s individual needs, but we can extend their stay to more than 18 months if they require additional care. Our goal is to give each child or adolescent the time and space they need to benefit from the therapeutic healing they experience at Little Creek Behavioral Health.

Marks of Quality Care
  • The Joint Commission (JCAHO) Gold Seal of Approval