Little Creek Behavioral Health Preferred Child & Adolescent Residential Treatment Facility for Mental Health Disorders

Only Accepting Children & Adolescents from Out-of-State

Our Treatment Offerings

Comprehensive Residential Treatment

Little Creek Behavioral Health provides comprehensive residential services for children and adolescents ages 12-18 who have been experiencing mental and behavioral health concerns. Our facility is a safe, structured, and highly supportive environment where young people receive care from teams of experienced and compassionate professionals. Features of residential treatment at Little Creek include an array of therapeutic services and a robust educational support program.

Specialized Care for Youth Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Our comprehensive, personalized programming includes a dedicated treatment track for young people who are deaf or hard of hearing. This specialized track includes our full scope of therapeutic and educational support services with appropriate adaptations to ensure that each young person receives maximum benefit. Our care providers are a team of compassionate experts, including hearing staff members and professionals who are deaf.

Personalized Education Programming

All children and adolescents who participate in residential programming at Little Creek Behavioral Health receive personalized educational services provided by experienced professionals. Our education program features individualized planning, small class sizes, certified special education teachers, and therapeutic support personnel in the classroom. Lessons and class assignments are determined by each young person’s age, ability, and previous academic progress.

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